Jim Beishline

Jim is a native of Buffalo New York, where he has spent a majority of his career as a free lance jazz pianist, arranger, copyist, and educator. 

Jim began performing professionally in the late seventies, playing with a number of local bands, including the beginnings of Spyro Gyra before their hit-making days.  In the eighties he accepted a road job with Danny and The Juniors and shortly after he returned home to work as a staff piano player for BMK Studios, which produced radio jingles in the Buffalo area.  Being stationary allowed Jim the opportunity to teach  piano technique, harmony, and theory privately and to perform workshops at The State University of New York at Buffalo and local high schools.

Jim was hired by QRS to make solo piano CD's for player pianos and disclavier player units.

Throughout his career as a first-call pianist, Jim has accompanied nationally known pop and blues artists, including Aretha Franklin, Chuck Berry, and Muddy Waters,  when they performed in the Western NY area.  He has also played piano for numerous local recording artists.

Jim currently enjoys playing jazz piano with his *duo, trio and arranging for jazz ensembles and vocalists, as well as playing solo. 

*In the late nineties, Jim and vocalist, Janice Mitchell became musical partners and continue to give their personal and unique interpretations to jazz and blues standards for local concerts, jazz festivals, private and corporate events.